Mega OTTY mattress sale knocks up to 50% off the full range

Your chance to snap up an ultra-comfy hybrid mattress for half price

Otty Pure mattress in bedroom with HOT DEAL badge overlaid
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If you've been thinking of upgrading your mattress, there's a sale on at OTTY right now that could make things way cheaper for you – there's up to 50% off the full range (opens in new tab). The exact saving depends on the model you opt for, but you'll be saving at least 35%. 

OTTY specialises in hybrid mattresses, which combine springs with layers of various foams to offer a delightfully comfortable mixture of bounce and support. They at the firmer end of the scale with it comes to softness, which is a win for anyone who suffers from back pain. The brand's pricier options use an innovative new kind of foam made from bamboo and charcoal (it's much comfier and less... er... dusty... than it sounds, as you'll discover in our OTTY Pure mattress review). The range also includes a couple of extremely reasonably priced models that use regular foam – head to our OTTY Original review for more on what you can expect there.

We see cheap mattress deals appearing all year round, but this is an especially good one. Missed this sale? Head to our OTTY discount codes page for the best current offer, or check out our best mattress guide if you're on the fence about which model to go for.

OTTY Aura Hybrid: Up to 50% off all sizes (opens in new tab)
Cheapest option!
If you're looking for a mega bargain, the Aura is both the cheapest in OTTY's range, and has the maximum discount. This model boasts temperature-regulating memory foam, a removable cover and 1000 16cm pocket springs. A single comes in at £249.99 with this offer.

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Otty Pure mattress | Up to 45% off all sizes! (opens in new tab)
The Pure is the cheaper of OTTY's two bamboo-and-charcoal foam models, and it's our pick of the range – we were very impress when we tested it out (opens in new tab). It's hugely supportive while still being comfy to lie on. There's a lower discount on this model, though, so if you're on a tighter budget check out the Original below.


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Otty Original Hybrid mattress | Up to 40% off all sizes (opens in new tab)
While you don't get the fancy bamboo foam, the Original Otty Hybrid is still an excellent choice, and has 40% off in the current sale. The design boasts 2,000 pocket springs as well as three layers of foam (read more in our review (opens in new tab)). 

Otty Pure Plus Hybrid mattress: Up to 35% off all sizes
(opens in new tab)
The  Pure Plus is OTTY's most advanced model. It includes the same fancy bamboo and charcoal memory foam as the Pure, but is deeper and boasts more pocket springs for extra comfort and luxury.

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